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“Anyone who pays attention to Montreal’s jazz, improv, and avant-garde scenes has known the Parc X Trio for a while—and for good reason. The trio of Gabriel Vinuela-Pelletier (piano), Alex Lefaivre (bass), and Alain Bourgeois (drums) have been playing around the city for a while, giving equal attention to loft and underground art gallery shows as to the more traditional jazz clubs and festivals. Read more…


Parc X trio, a Montreal-based instrumental jazz trio, winners of the TD Grand Prize for Jazz at Montréal International Jazz Festival in 2010, is composed of Gabriel Vinuela-Pelletier (piano and compositions), Alex Lefaivre (bass and compositions) and Alain Bourgeois (drums). Read more…


« What delighted me especially was that they played as one, often shifting tempos or dynamics quickly, as if thinking together. »
- Michael Bourne, Downbeat, July 2010

«Top 20 local Jazz/Blues acts of 2012 »

« Always looking to re-invent themselves, this trio that we’ve supported from the start likes to mix modern to past sounds . Read more…